Media Campaign/Advocacy

At BHTC Foundation, we are primarily concerned with the creation of awareness about the dangers of smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke. This we do in line with Article 12 of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Guidelines (WHO FCTC Guidelines). Presently, tobacco control communication is very low in Nigeria and the tobacco industry is capitalizing on this to increase its consumer base. BHTC strives to achieve a consistent, strategic and effective tobacco control communication through the electronic and print media. We also support the advocacy for the full implementation of the WHO FCTC Guidelines in Nigeria, particularly the delayed Presidential assent of the recently passed Nigeria National Tobacco Control Bill (NNTCB).

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This group is responsible for the creation of awareness about the dangers of tobacco smoking and second hand smoke. They generate tobacco control communication materials for use in the electronic and print media and also for use in other anti-tobacco campaigns including school based programs. They are also responsible for the distribution of promotional materials of the organization to the general public.
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