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School Based Programs


School Based tobacco control programs have been found to be effective in preventing the initiation of tobacco use by the youths. There’s an increase in the prevalence of smoking by the Nigerian youths. Evidence shows that 17.1% of secondary school students in Nigeria are smokers. Similarly, smoking prevalence among adolescents in Yola South Local Government Area, Adamawa state is 33.9% as at 2009. The tobacco industry is aggressively marketing its products to the youths through indirect marketing strategies. This industry is recruiting new tobacco users everyday and it’s making tremendous financial profits in Africa, particularly in Nigeria. In the nearest future, Nigeria would be plagued by tobacco-related diseases like cancers, if the current trend continues. Efforts should be put in place to discourage tobacco consumption among our teeming youth population in order to prevent a looming epidemic. BHTC Foundation is committed to organizing school based tobacco control programs as a way of contributing to a significant reduction in the initiation of tobacco use by Nigerian youths.

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This involves communicating tobacco control to youths in junior secondary schools. The rationale behind this is to discourage the initiation of tobacco use. It requires teaching youths the refusal skills and assertiveness needed to resist peer pressure and the marketing strategies of the tobacco industry.

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