Smokers Homily

Smokers Homily is a monthly publication of The Better Health Tobacco Control Foundation. It majorly addresses the common challenges of most smokers, including health problems, withdrawal symptoms and cessation advice.

Smokers Homily (Series 1): Quitting Smoking in the New Year

I’ve got great plans for this year. Professional development, business expansion, moving to a new house and of course, I can’t wait for my little girls to start school later in the year. One thing that keeps hounding me is the fear of not being there for my loved ones. My doctor has warned me severally about my smoking habit. I have heard and read so much about the dangers of smoking but I guess the claws of addiction have simply held me bound. I remember how breathless......

Smokers Homily (Series 2): Understanding the Smoker’s Helplessness

It’s an established fact that cigarette smoking is a very addictive habit. Most smokers have made several quit attempts, with no success. An average smoker knows about the health implications of cigarette smoking and some already have health problems attributable to their smoking habit. However, because of the addictive nature of nicotine and previous failed quit attempts, most smokers.....

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