Smoking Cessation Services

BHTC Foundation is working towards making adequate provisions for smokers willing to quit. This is geared towards contributing to a significant reduction in the smoking population. We expect more smokers to consider quitting if the effective tobacco control legislation and other tobacco control measures are put in place. As a result, we are building human capacity for tobacco dependence identification and treatment, and we aim to achieve the integration of smoking cessation into the primary health care in Nigeria.

View our quitting page on details on how to quit.

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Cessation Providers Group (CPG)

This involves the provision of voluntary counseling and smoking cessation pharmacotherapy to smokers willing to quit. It would be suitable for those that are professionals like nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, counselors and doctors. Interested members would be trained on how to offer brief interventions in smoking cessation and also on providing intensive smoking cessation care.

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