Who We Are

About the foundation

Better Health Tobacco Control Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization with no affiliations with the tobacco industry. It was incorporated in Nigeria, with the trustees comprising of professionals who are passionate about tobacco control in Nigeria.

We are primarily concerned with the creation of awareness about the dangers of tobacco smoking and secondhand smoke through strategic and effective tobacco control communication. We also aim to build human capacity for tobacco dependence identification and treatment and to make system level changes that would integrate the provision of voluntary counseling and cessation services to smokers willing to quit.

Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) like cancers and cardiovascular diseases have been found to be a major cause of diseases/deaths in developing countries and tobacco smoking is a major risk factor common to most NCDs.

We need to be proactive in preventing the initiation of tobacco use by our teeming youth population and also in providing professional assistance to smokers willing to quit in order to reduce the tobacco burden and to avert a looming epidemic.

Presently, we have over 75 volunteers (Advocates) that are committed to the activities of the organization, and new members are joining everyday. Our activities are divided into three (3) major groups, namely School based Programs, Media Campaign and Advocacy and Smoking Cessation.

We solicit for your support, as we embark on the arduous task of saving Nigerians from the tobacco epidemic.

Thank you.

Dr. Olusegun Owotomo
Director, BHTC Foundation.